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Corporate Classes & Services

No matter the size of your team, we are here to offer entertainment for them. Our clients hire us to teach dance classes, perform at their events, do team building workshops and more. We can deliver our services in person as well as virtually. Hire us and reward your hard working team with something they will enjoy and remember.

In Person Team Building Through Dance

The Benefits: Dance is an excellent way to facilitate communication and connection among your team members, while providing exercise and mental stimulation. Dance has been shown to improve memory, decrease stress, and build emotional intelligence – while being incredibly enjoyable!
Salsa With Silvia owner Silvia Alexiev

Silvia Alexiev



  • Understanding the foundation and importance of connection
  • Learning the basics of musicality and rhythm
  • Learning simple movements for leads and followers
  • Learning how to implement connection during leading and following

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Program Itinerary

Length can be customized. A typical program is 60 to 90 minutes long.

INTRO TO MUSICALITY: Participants are introduced to the instructors, who explain the flow and goals of the upcoming activities. During the introduction, the instructors will explain basic rules on learning how to hear the rhythm in the music. Participants will be asked to use techniques such as clapping on different counts while listening to a song.

WARM UP – Participants will follow the lead of an experienced instructor who will engage the group into a sequence of easy moves that will wake up the body and mind, thus getting everyone ready for the activities ahead. The goal of this warm up to begin understanding and implementing the very basics of rhythm, musicality and movement.

LEARNING THE BASIC MOVES – Participants are split in two groups: leaders and followers. The instructors walk the participants through 3 very basic moves that the participates learn how to execute individually. One instructor shows the moves to the leaders and the other to the followers.

MASTERING THE ART OF ENGAGING THROUGH CONNECTION, LEAD & FOLLOW – Leads & followers are asked to pair up and establish who is the lead and who is the follower. Partners work on a basic open connection. The instructors explain the role of the leader and the role of the follower. During this activity, participants learn and practice important rules of leading and following. Participants first practice without the steps and then with the steps. During this activity, the instructors will ask either the leads or the followers to rotate so they can practice connection, lead and follow with a different partner. The goal of this activity is to make sure that the connection is executed properly so that when the leaders are initiating a move, the followers are responding without anticipating.

PRACTICE and WRAP UP – Participants be asked practice finding the right beat on their own and initiating the lead on their own to an entire song. In the end participants will have a couple of minutes to share their experience working on the different activities.

(202) 643 1870

Meet The Owner

Find our how owner Silvia Alexiev started from the basement of her house and now has the largest Latin Dance Studio in the DMV.

Meet The Instructors

The Salsa With Silvia instructors are very friendly and experts in teaching salsa and bachata at all levels. Find out more and pick your favorite instructor.

Our Success Stories

The Salsa With Silvia studio has been acknowledged on local TV as well as awarded a grant by the DC government and Mayor Bowser. Watch the videos.