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Silvia Alexiev - owner of the Salsa With Silvia dance studio



Dancing since she was 6, one of Silvia’s dream was always to have her own dance studio. Now the Salsa With Silvia studio is the fastest growing and largest Latin dance studio in the DMV area with locations in DC and Bethesda, MD.

Mario Cervantes - salsa and bachata instructor at the Salsa With Silvia Dance studio


salsa/ bachata/cumbia

Born in Monterrey, Mexico, Mario began dancing jazz and Mexican folk dance at academies and dance companies in his hometown at a very young age. Dance continued to be an important part of his life as he grew up, and he has trained with instructors from around the World in a variety of disciplines

Joffre Arce - salsa and bachata instructor at the Salsa With Silvia Dance studio


Salsa/bachata instructor

A native Ecuadorian, Joffre’s love and passion for dance has made him a fantastic instructor, choreographer and performer. He holds a number of degrees and awards in the art of Latin dance.

Chesco Salsa Bachata Instructor Salsa With Silvia


Salsa/Bachata Instructor

Frankchesco Leveratto is characterized as being an instructor who is not only patient in your learning process but also provides a comfortable environment to make mistakes.

Alex Mistério - Kizomba Instructor at the Salsa With Silvia dance studio

Alex Mistério

Kizomba Instructor

Born in Brooklyn, NY by a Panamanian father and a Puerto Rican mother, Alex Rodriguez was raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL. During his early years, he loved sports and music. He ultimately found his passion for Kizomba during a local festival, and began to learn about the history of the African culture


salsa/ bachata/Zumba instructor

Born and raised in Southern California, Camille started dancing at the age of 2 and hasn’t stopped since! Camille started out as a Salsa with Silvia student and has since fallen in love with both salsa and bachata. 

Cat Gloria - Heels and Bachata dance instructor at the Salsa With Silvia dance studios in DC and Bethesda


Bachata & Heels Instructor

Cat Gloria came out of the womb dancing and never stopped. Her fused style originates from her roots as a classically-trained ballet dancer, and her time performing and competing on hip-hop dance crews later in life.

Aciela Kalmagambetova - Dominican Bachata Instructor at Salsa With Silvia


Dominican Bachata instructor

Aciela developed a passion for dancing and music at an early age she while attended a local music school and joined a dance team. Aciela began dancing Latin dances in 2011, and her first trip to Dominican Republic had a big influence on her development as a dancer.

Yoii Campo- expert Salsa and Bachata instructor at the Salsa With Silvia dance studio in DC and Bethesda.


Salsa/Bachata instructor

Yoii has been dancing for 20 years. She is a Colombian native from the city of Cali and raised in The Big Apple. Her dance background extends from Ballet to Hip Hop and all Latin Dances.

Salsa and Bachata have become Yoi’s passion and focus. She loves to work with all levels of dancers, including those with special needs.

Kelly Atwood - salsa instructor and team director at the Salsa With Silvia Dance studio


Salsa instructor

Kelly Atwood started building her dance foundation through many years of competitive gymnastics. After years of competitive gymnastics training, she joined the AU Salsa Club and then got trained by Silvia to become a salsa dance instructor. 

Luiz Arduz - Salsa, Bachata instructor at the Salsa With Silvia Dance studios


Salsa/Bachata instructor

The passion that Luis has for dance came at an early age, where he continued to live out through Quinceñeras and Latin Festival showcases throughout his high school years. He joined his first studio during college, Xplosive Rhythms dance studio, which ignited his desire to learn more about the art and technique.

Stephanie Metzger - salsa and bachata instructor at the Salsa With Silvia Dance studio


Salsa/Bachata instructor

Stephanie wandered into a salsa dance class in college and has been hooked ever since. She was a part of Penn State’s Ballroom Dance Team, taught Salsa on1 and Bachata at her university for 3 years, and performed at halftime shows for the football and basketball team. She also did performances with a hip-hop group called RAM Squad, and fell in love with the unique way dance brought people with different thoughts, cultures, and perspectives together.