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Most frequent questions and answers

Before you decide what classes you want to take, you must determine your level. We can’t stress that enough. We want you to have a smooth learning experience. Here are a few options:

  1. Schedule a deductible consultation and we’ll help placing you in the right level.
  2. Check out our syllabus and see if you are familiar with the moves we teach and then decide which level you belong to.
  1. Click on Adults on the main menu and select the location that works best for you.
  2. Select the class you want to register for and click on Sign up.
  3. If you are new to the site you will need to create a profile and remember your login information. If not, go ahead and log in.
  4. Once in the cart, you will see multiple pricing options and packages to choose from.
  5. Remember to always reserve your classes online and always cancel on time. Group classes have a 5-hour cancellation window and private lessons have a 24-hour cancellation window.
  6. Another option is to download the Mindbody App and find the Salsa With Silvia business on it. Then you can easily register on your phone to reserve your spot in class or book your private.

Yes, you should always reserve every class you plan to attend. Spots are limited. You should also know that we have a 5-hour cancellation window for group classes and a 24-hour window for private lessons. Also, by creating a profile on our online scheduler you can control your schedule remotely, reserve classes and private lessons, cancel, reschedule, see how many visits you have left, look at the schedule and more.

No, you are not required to have a partner to join a group class. Students are rotated during the class so you get to dance with different people. You also don’t need a partner for a private lessons. You will be dancing with the instructors. Regardless of male or female instructor, all instructors know both the lead and follow moves and you will be learning the same material.

Group class reservations should be cancelled at least 5 hours prior to the class. Failure to do so will result in loss of class credit (for limited class packages) and a $5 no show fee for unlimited packages. For private lessons we have a 24-hour cancellation/rescheduling policy. Workshops/specialty classes are non refundable and non transferable to the next workshops/specialty classes.



POLICY FOR WORKSHOPS/SPECIALTY CLASSES: No refunds and no transfers to next round of workshops.

We allow drop ins ONLY on the first or the second week of the series unless you have done a free consultation and the instructor told you that you can drop in on the 3rd or 4th week of the series. We recommend that you attend the entire series though. Remember, even if you bought a package when reserving your first class, that does not automatically sign you up for the entire series. You should still reserve your spot manually for each class you plan to attend.

Click on Prices on the main navigation and you will see a breakdown of all pricing options and discount packages we have.

Yes, the packages are valid for ALL group classes on the schedule for both locations. Workshops (specialized classes) and private lessons are NOT included.

The Salsa With Silvia studio offers some of the best and most affordable dance class packages. If you are just trying us out go with the first time drop in discount. Then decide between the one month unlimited and the 10 drop in package. The one month unlimited gives you unlimited group classes for one month from the day you purchased. The 10 drop in pack is valid for 6 months. So, ultimately it depends on how serious you are about learning and how many classes do you think you can take within a month. If it’s not that many, then then the 10 drop in package may be a better option for you. We also have a one week all class trial package and couples discount. See all discount packages here. Keep in mind, you can always schedule a 15-minute free consultation or call us and we’ll guide you so you can buy the best package for your goals.

If you are registering for our ongoing drop in classes or for our series and using one of our two people packages you only need to register yourself. We know that it’s two people by the pricing option that you purchased.

If you want to purchase two of our packages for you and someone else, it is best that you create two separate profiles and pay separately for each person. Then register each person on the roster to reserve both spots. The system would also allow you to add a family member under your account and set it up so it knows that you are paying for the second person but it is not very intuitive so we recommend creating two separate profiles or give us a call and we’ll set it up for you.

Just go ahead and register yourself. We know it’s two people by the pricing option you bought because it says two people. When you arrive to the studio we will take the other person’s information and put their name on the roster for attendance purposes. These packages are discounted and are meant for the TWO OF YOU TO TAKE CLASSES TOGETHER (not separately). To speed things a little faster at front desk, be sure to add your partner’s name under your profile.

We have two locations. Click here for addresses, parking and other related information.

A group class is done in a setting of up to 25 students where you learn a pattern and you practice. You will be rotated to practice with different partners unless you want to dance with your partner only in which case you need to let the instructor know. No partner is required for our classes. A private lesson is where you take a one hour class with the instructor of your choice with nobody else in the studio. We recommend that if you take some private lessons you still need the group classes to get more experience leading or following different partners. Mostly, you need to go out and practice in a social dance environment. Keep in mind our studio offers social dances once a month usually on the 3rd Saturday of every month so you can come and practice with your fellow students and other dancers.

A series offers more structured material and follows a syllabus. Series are good if you can commit to coming every week and build material from lower to higher level. We recommend series especially for our absolute beginner and beginner students. An ongoing class (depending on the level) gives you a larger variations of the same moves that you learn in the series, different combos for you to learn how to use the moves in social dancing as well as additional practice time if you are taking them in addition to the series.

Wear something comfortable that doesn’t restrict your from moving. Wear shoes that don’t have rubber bottom. Don’t wear sneakers. Your shoes need to allow you to slide on a wood floor.

You may want to consider buying dance shoes. They are specifically designed for dancing because the bottom is smooth and flexible. You will need a special brush to clean the bottom of your shoes if you want to have them longer.

For the ladies dance shoes are even more important because they hold your ankle, which makes it even easier to dance. You should not wear dance shoes on the street!

If you are a complete beginner you don’t need to invest in dance shoes just yet. Wear work shoes or sandals, something that slides on wood floor. No sneakers or shoes with rubber bottom as they tend to grip on the floor. Small heel and an ankle strap is great for ladies. In general regular dance shoes run half a size smaller than your street shoes. So if you wear size 6 1/2, you would be a size 6 in dance shoes. Sneakers are the opposite. We recommend you get half a size bigger than your street shoes. There is no store where you can go and try dance shoes on but see what we can offer you in our online store.

Contact us and we will let you know about our performance team options and how to audition for them.

CLICK HERE to customize and purchase a gift card for someone special.

Not sure how much the gift card should be for? Check our pricing options and packages here.

With our new registration system it is really simple for the receiver to redeem their card. When they go to register for classes, they need to enter the gift card code and the system will automatically apply the amount and keep track of the balance. WE DO NOT SEND A PHYSICAL GIFT CARD, ONLY AN ELECTRONIC CARD IS SENT TO THE RECEIVER VIA EMAIL AND THEY CAN USE THE GIFT CARD NUMBER UPON CHECK OUT WHEN REGISTERING FOR CLASSES.

Yes! We perform and teach on location. Please see more information here and contact us to discuss details and get a quote. We’ll make your event fabulous!

Yes, we do. We offer drop in classes for babies, enrollment classes for pre-K and older kids as well as dance and learning camps. The styles we teach are ballet, tap, jazz, Latin, hip hop, modern, tumbling, ballroom and more. Click here to look at all current dance programs for kids.

Our super useful YouTube channel where we have tons of instructional videos available to you for free. Click here to check it out.

We also post videos of the final patterns that instructor teach during classes on our Facebook page. Friend us at Salsa Silvia on Facebook.

Yes, absolutely! Our studio is a luxury venue perfect to rent for small weddings, corporate events and parties, family events, kids birthday parties and more. Click here to learn more about the features of the space and how to rent.

Controlling your own schedule is easy. Log into your profile either on the Mindbody App or on our registration portal and early cancel, then reschedule your class. Be aware, group classes group classes have a 5-hour cancellation window. Private lessons have a 24-hour cancellation/rescheduling policy on private lessons.

Be sure to always use the same login credentials so your credit and your visits/schedule is there.

Yes, each package or pricing option you buy has an expiration date. You will see it in your receipt and also on the website. You will also find it in your online profile and we send you emails to remind you when your package is about to expire. Check our our pricing options here.

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