Salsa, Bachata,Sensual Bachata Instructor

Aldo Ortega has been teaching how to Lead and Follow bachata (traditional and modern/sensual) and salsa (on1, on2) for 7 years and has 2 years of ballroom experience. His passion lies in understanding what makes a Lead and Follow dance in harmony, as well being attentive to the song and the feelings it may convey. His group lessons will challenge you to not only connect with your dance partner but to connect with the self, by ways of weight changes of body awareness. One of his goals is to show the world that partner dancing isn’t only possible, it’s actually really fun.
Aldo joined the Salsa With Silvia team of instructors in January of 2022.
Aldo Ortega Sensual Bachata Instructor Salsa With Silvia
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