ABC7's Kidd O'Shea Visits Salsa With Silvia's Back To School Camp On September 15, 2020

We had a very pleasant visit by Kidd O’Shea and the ABC7 crew where they reflected our story of turning our dance studio into a temporary classroom for kids who are attending school virtually. The Salsa With Silvia dance studio has always been all about supporting families in the community and when our Summer Camp parents begged us to do something this Fall, we jumped in to help them. With strict safety measures in place, owner Silvia Alexiev and her team of excellent teachers have developed a structured schedule where all kids are not only assisted with their virtual sessions but they are also engaged in activities like dancing, arts and crafts, outdoor time, staying active and more. The team makes sure each child stays on track of their educational goals depending on their age but also the kids get their much needed social interaction and movement. 


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