The next cycle of 4-WEEK SERIES START the week of January 7th.

Our Best Selling Packages:


Perfect for any of our 4-week series or use as drop credit. Reserve each class you plan to attend! Early cancel and use your credit for another class. Valid for 6 months.


OUR ABSOLUTE BEST SELLER! Valid for any of our group classes. Be sure to attend YOUR level classes. Reserve before attending. Valid for 1 month from the day of purchase.

packages that fit your level & schedule
if you can walk you can dance

Come dance with us!

The Salsa With Silvia dance studio offers affordable salsa, bachata and other dance classes for adults and kids.
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we are the salsa experts
Gradual pace of learning, great results

Our classes are very well structured. Our foundation classes are broken down into 4-week series that give you a solid base to build on. Our ongoing/practice classes are for you to learn more patterns and do more drills so you can become a better dancer.

we are the no.1 latin dance studio in the dmv
Hire us to teach or perform at your event

Ever wondered how to spice up your event? We can do a brilliant job entertaining your guests by offering an ice breaker dance class, a professional dance performance or a well-structured team building workshop.

Start with our 4-Week Absolute Beginner Series if you’ve never danced before. Schedule a free consultation or talk to an instructor for best level placement after that. Click for syllabus videos & schedule.

Any class that’s not labeled as a 4-week series is meant for you to get additional practice at your level. Be sure you are placed in the right level by scheduling a free consultation or by talking to your instructor. Click for class schedule.

Private lessons are one-on-one with an instructor of your choice. They help you accelerate faster or give you an additional solidification of what you already know. We strongly recommend group classes in combination with private lessons to achieve better social dance results. Click to book a private lesson.

Think outside the box and engage your team in bonding and trust exercises through dance. They will learn a lot while laughing and having fun. Workshops can be taught at your location or at our studio. Click for more info and quote.

With several performance teams on board and professional instructors, we stand by our name as the No. 1 Latin Dance Studio in the DMV. Hire us for a spectacular performance that will amaze your guests. Add a fun dance lesson to get them up and moving. Click for info and a quote.

We can teach and choreograph in any style of dance. You and your partner will work with the instructor of your choice to learn a beautiful dance that everyone at your wedding will remember. Click for info and a quote.

The Salsa With Silvia Ballroom is one of the most beautiful venues in the DMV area. Stunning interior design and state-of-the-art equipment will make your event unforgettable. Click for venue information, schedule a tour and request a quote.

We offer classes for kids as young as 6 months old to teenagers. Styles include ballet, jazz, modern, tap, modeling, Latin, tumbling, Hip Hop, and more. Our famous Dance & Learning Camps are super fun a great way for the kids to keep learning while on breaks. Click for info on classes, events, birthday parties, camps and more.

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What students say about us...

I think its fantastic of you that you make other people happy. People of all ages, different nationalities, gender come together and laugh because of you Silvia. Whats better than that? Thanks for your efforts, your time, your expertice. To me your an angel and I wish you all the best! dear regards
I want to take the time to thank you and the many other instructors who opened the doors to their dance class. I loved to reconnect to one of my passions, dance, and most importantly, to meet wonderful people. I can’t thank you enough. Not only, did your participation and inclusiveness help me achieve an A for the ethnography study, it lifted my spirits during a very difficult time for me of loss and sadness. Hope my presence was as uplifting as the dance experience was for me.