NEW CLASSES ADDED: Zouk, Footwork & Spinning, Ladies Styling!
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We listened to our students’ feedback and we added the classes that you’ve been asking about. 

ZOUK  With instructor Jason Potell
Saturdays | 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM
Level – Beginner
This drop-in class will introduce students to fundamental concepts and movements in Zouk. Originating in Brazil, Zouk is a beautiful, flowing dance characterized by a strong connection to your partner, long graceful steps, and a deep sense of musicality.
Salsa Footwork
& Spinning
With Instructor: Kelly Atwood
Wednesdays |  8:15pm to 9:15pm
Level – Beginner Level 2 to Intermediate
Footwork and spinning are an essential part of becoming a good salsa dancers. In this class, you will drill the foundations and technique of spinning while becoming more grounded in your personal style. In addition you will be adding footwork patterns to your salsa vocabulary to help you shine on the dance floor.
Ladies Salsa Shines And Styling With Instructor Camille Trotter
Saturdays | 3:45pm to 4:45pm [beginning July 28th]
Level: Beg Lvl. 2 – Intermediate
In this class, students will learn and develop proper Salsa free styling technique and flavorful styling skills. This class will be multifaceted in its approach, not only teaching new dance movements, but also teaching how to execute those movements well. Students will train technical skills such as proper body alignment, flexibility, and coordination, which will set the foundation for achieving shines such as multiple turns, high leg kicks, and sharp arms. Additionally, students will be taught how to move according to the music, so that their movements flow and become physical representations of the salsa beats. Students eligible for this class are those who have a strong understanding in the salsa basic steps-i.e., the salsa basic, right turn, left turn, etc. It is strongly suggested that students have completed the beginner levels, before taking this class.


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