Oct. 13th: 90 min Basic Lifts and Trick Technique Workshop with Guest Instructors Yukiko & Carlos From LA. Follow up.
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Special thanks to our guest instructors from LA who did an amazing job with this workshop.

We look forward to having them in the studio again soon!

Workshops are a great way for students to get a ton of material under their belt. It’s a great opportunity to focus and drill a certain aspect of salsa dancing.

In this unique workshop you will learn fundamentals for solid tricks and lifts. Material will be taught progressively by learning a small choreography, which the instructors will teach step-by-step.

Saturday October 13th 6:00 – 7:30pm
Cost $20
All sales are final and non-refundable/non-transferable. Unlimited and other packages do not apply.

Yukiko & Carlos dance Salsa,
Theatre Arts, and Hustle as well as teach tricks & lifts.

Yukiko, ‘la Japonesita salsera’ (the little Japanese salsa dancer), has been delighting audiences the World over for the past ten years. She has danced with various dance companies & partners and has performed and competed internationally. She also maintains her previous profession as a helicopter pilot–that’s probably why she likes spinning so much.

Carlos is originally from Spain. He has performed internationally and was trained in Martial Arts, Theatre Arts & Salsa. His strength is tricks and lifts. Besides teaching dancing, he also coaches and trains public speaking & professional sales.


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