Salsa With Silvia Offers A Unique Package For Hispanic Heritage Month
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Washington, DC – September 6, 2017. The No.1 Latin Dance Studio in the DMV, offers a compact visual and educational package for Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations. In just 40 minutes, a team of experienced instructors and performers will make an exceptional animated presentation about the history of Latin dance, they will teach you some fun practical dance moves, and throw a performance that will blow your mind. All in one, this package is the perfect solution for anyone’s agenda to formally recognize this month.

The Salsa With Silvia dance studio offers an educational and entertaining package for Hispanic Heritage Month

The Salsa With Silvia dance studio offers an educational and entertaining package for Hispanic Heritage Month

“This is the busiest month of the year for us.” says Silvia Alexiev, Studio founder. “From schools and family events to news outlets, large and small corporations and organizations, everyone is looking for the best way to acknowledge Hispanic Heritage. That’s exactly what we are offering and in a very visual way too.”

Just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month, the Salsa With Silvia Dance Studio is reaching out to public schools in the DMV offering this package free of charge for back-to-school nights and Hispanic Heritage celebrations. The Studio’s goal is to also expose students to Latin dance and engage them in something positive and motivational. In addition to its dance and educational program for kids available at the Studio, Salsa With Silvia is also involved in teaching dance as part of after school programs.

In 2016, The Salsa With Silvia Dance Studio was awarded a grant of $85,000 and personally acknowledged for its community efforts and improvement of the Georgia Avenue Corridor by DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. In 2014, the Studio’s Owner made a complete career switch from being a Lead TV Producer for NASA TV to running her own Dance Studio full time. The Studio started with just the Owner as a teacher and now has a team of over 20 staff members dedicated to making a difference in the community for students of all ages. With a following of over 3,000 students, the Studio has been holding a No.1 place in organic search results for salsa dance lessons on Google for the past 5 years. Also, within the past 5 years, the Studio has expanded from the basement of the Owner’s house into a beautifully designed 2,600 sq. ft. commercial space that can easily be called “The Gem Of Georgia Ave.”

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