Adam Azoff & Aciela

Dominican Bachata Instructors

Aciela was born in Kazakhstan where, at an early age, she developed a passion for dancing and music, attended a local music school and joined a dance team. Aciela began learning latin dances in 2011, and her first trip to Dominican Republic had a big influence on her development as a dancer. It was in the DR where she met popular artists including Edilio Paredes, Joan Soriano, Ramon Torres, and Joe Veras (to name a few) – and fell in love with Dominican culture and Bachata music. Aciela has traveled the world since then taking classes from international instructors. She has learned from the best, including Jorjet Alcocer, Eddie Torres, Carlos Cinta, Rodolfo Montaño Castro, Edwin and Dakhota, Pipo Alcala, Juan and Melanie. Aciela has also performed at multiple dance festivals in different genres of music and dance.

Adam grew up in LA to a family of musicians. He fell in love with latin dancing and particularly with Bachata in 2017, largely also inspired by several trips to South America and the Dominican Republic. He’s trained under international Bachata instructors including Samy el Magico (Troyes, France), Juan Pablo of Alianza Dance Studio (Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic), Rodolfo Montaño Castro (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic), and Edwin and Dakhota (New York, New York). Most recently, Adam has joined the  Alex AnD Desiree (New York, New York) teacher certification program and studies latin dance in the DMV area at Latin Vintage Dance Company (Salsa on2) and Ferocity Dance Company (Sensual Bachata); and continues to work with DC’s many talented artists and instructors to build on all styles of latin dance. 

Adam and Aciela began teaching Bachata in 2019 after attending teacher training programs with Carlos Cinta (Chicago, Illinois). They aspire to create a welcoming and fun atmosphere for their classes, demystifying fundamentals and body movement for beginners. Using Bachata as a medium for self-expression and creativity, Adam and Aciela are dedicated to helping students find their own voice and style, building confidence, and sparking curiosity in Dominican culture and Latin dances in general.

Adam is particularly excited to begin teaching where it all began for him — SALSA WITH SILVIA! See you in February!

Adam Azoff and Aciela teach Dominican bachata at the Salsa With Silvia Dance studio in Bethesda, MD
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