About Amika Dance Company
Director Silvia With Her Salsa Performance Team Amika Dance Company

Director Silvia (with daughter Nia and baby No.2 on the way) With Her Salsa Performance Team Amika Dance Company in a photoshoot 2015.

Amika Dance Company's 2014 Choreography - El Cumbanchero

Amika Dance Company’s 2014 Choreography – El Cumbanchero

Amika Dance Company is a diverse group of fun dancers who will make your special event one to remember. We have a variety of routines ready to perform at your event. Our costumes are professionally made and absolutely beautiful. Our dancers have many years of experience on stage.

Amika Dance Company has been performing in the DC metro area since 2011. It was originally found in Chicago by director Silvia in 2009. We have showcased our salsa dance routines in most major DC salsa events and venues such as The Barking Dog, Mr. Mambo’s, Lucky Strikes, Dancez Dancez, Clarendon Grill, DC Salsa Congress, Fort Meade, and much more. View our performance history here.
We strive to showcase short but energetic salsa dance choreographies for the entertainment of our audience. Watch our performance videos here.

About the advanced performance class

The class meets twice a week and practices 2 hours each time. More practice hours are required when there is an upcoming performance.

Each practice starts with a warm up, spin drills, partnering, and footwork. After that the group works on the current

Salsa With Silvia Director Silvia Alexiev owns the largest Latin Dance Studio DC.

Salsa With Silvia Director Silvia Alexiev owns the largest Latin Dance Studio DC. CLICK PHOTO TO READ MORE ABOUT THE DIRECTOR.

choreography or a custom choreography for an upcoming show.

Each choreography consists of highly advanced sequence of footwork, partnering, styling, spinning, and tricks.

Training for performances is a time commitment and hard work.

Click here to see videos of our performances.

What previous experience is required to become a performer?
Amika Dance Company's 2013 Choreography - Salsa Dura.

Amika Dance Company’s 2013 Choreography – Salsa Dura.

You have to already be an intermediate/advanced salsa dancer. Other dance background are a plus. Performing experience is not required but is a plus. Tons of salsa social dancing experience is also a huge plus.

How can I audition to become a performer?

To audition, you would need to contact Silvia to schedule your audition. During the audition, you will be asked to dance free style partner dancing so we can see that you can lead/follow. We’ll be watching your styling and sense for rhythm. You will also memorize a short footwork pattern and demonstrate that you are able to learn and perform footwork.

Amika Dance Company's 2012 Choreography: Esta en Candela.

Amika Dance Company’s 2012 Choreography: Esta en Candela.

What is the cost involved with training and performing?

You will pay a monthly fee of $80, which includes:
– being trained by director Silvia
– Silvia’s time to book performances, logistics, costumes, choreography
– you can take any class on our schedule
– you can use the studio to practice

In addition to the $80 monthly fee you will be spending money on your costumes and travel related to performing.


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