November 21st: 2-Hour Workshop: Beginner LVL 1 & 2 Salsa Musicality, Rhythm, Lead and Follow Techniques
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Tuesday, November 21st, 7:00PM – 9:00PM at the Salsa With Silvia studio located at 3232 Georgia Ave. NW, Suite 104, Washington, DC 20010.


In this 2-Hour Workshop, you will be able to understand the concept of the music and connect the sounds of the instruments to your steps and body movement, giving you more control and freedom to play with the music.

We will cover exercises & drills, along with critical lead & follow techniques and break down the tools you need to help you look good on the dance floor while keeping control of your body and the timing, as well as get creative and add dynamics to your turns!

No Partner Needed!

COST: $25/per person

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All purchases are final, non-refundable and non-transferable. This is a specialized 2-hour workshop and it is not included in discount packages. Please arrive at least 10 minutes earlier to allow for parking and sign in.


You have to have completed your Absolute Beginner Salsa series and be comfortable with all moves taught at the Absolute Beginner level. Click here to see syllabus.


Dance shoes are recommended or at best please wear smooth bottom shoes. Do not wear rubber bottom shoes or flip flops! Dress comfortable. This workshop will be a workout.

Salsa With Silvia Instructor Joffre teaches Salsa on 1 and Bachata at the Studio.

Salsa With Silvia Instructor Joffre teaches Salsa on 1 and Bachata at the Studio.


A native Ecuadorian, Joffre’s love and passion for dance has made him a fantastic instructor, choreographer and performer.

Joffre has dedicated his dancing career to help learning and development in the art of dance for amateur dancers as well as training professional performers. Click here to read full bio.

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