Salsa, Bachata, Ballroom

Reema Dazeé is a dance professional and children’s coach. DC native, she has been thoroughly trained in ballroom, ballet, and hip hop dance. Growing up with a passion for music and dance, she wanted to bring her passion to life through helping others. Her energetic, positive, and patient personality is just what you need to thrive in a learning environment. She has worked in multiple dance studios and has worked with children and adults at Salsa with Silvia for the past year. Working with children and adults has been her dream and she is thrilled to be able to do so every day. She looks forward to meeting everyone and is excited to continue teaching Ballet & Creative Movement, Hip Hop to children, and Ballroom to the adults ready to get grooving. Contact her today to book a lesson or sign up now for classes!

Reema Dazee Ballroom Teacher Salsa With SIlvia