New 4-Week Salsa and Bachata Dance Series at the Salsa With Silvia Dance Studio

New 4-Week Salsa, Bachata Series

4-Week Group Class Series

Next 4-week cycle begins the week of May 13th.

Tip: For additional practice, we recommend that you take our series along with our ONGOING PRACTICE CLASSES


  1. Determine your level by watching our syllabus videos or schedule a free consultation.
  2. Use the syllabus videos to review and practice at home.
  3. Our series are designed for you to learn the structured and essential material for each level.
  4. Practice more  by attending our ongoing/practice classes
  5. Get even more practice (free of charge for students) during our open practice session.


PROGRESSIVE SERIES. We often get this question and we always say that we recommend the series if you want to get more structured content and more technical details about the dances. If you are just starting you should always consider committing to a series where you build up throughout the 4 weeks. We have designed and created structured syllabus for each series so that you can take the same series with a different instructor and still cover the same material. The shorter format also gives you an opportunity to focus on what’s crucial for that specific level of dance and it’s more likely that you can attend 4 consecutive weeks . At the end of the series you can evaluate your progress with your instructors and they will advise you on what you should do next (go to the next level or take the same series again).

ONGOING/PRACTICE CLASSES. The ongoing classes are a perfect fit for those who can’t commit to a series. They are also great for you to get additional practice besides what you learn in the series. We strongly recommend that you do both simultaneously so you can get better.

OUR PACKAGES. They are super flexible and are valid for every group class listed on our schedule. That allows you to use them for the series but also for our ongoing classes so you can get more practice. You can reserve your spot, reschedule or cancel and the system will give you your class credit back that you can use for another class. Please pay attention to the expiration date of each package!

NOTE: We strongly encourage you to register for the entire 4-weeks. Drop-ins are NOT allowed on week 3 and 4 of a series. A reservation is needed for each class you plan to attend! Spots fill up quickly! 


Dance fitness classes during work days and on weekends at the Salsa With Silvia dance studio.

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Daytime & Fitness Classes

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*** Daytime & fitness classes are included with all unlimited packages. ***

What's Included:

ZUMBA® is a fusion of Latin and International music / dance themes that create a dynamic, exciting, and based on the principle that a workout should be “FUN AND EASY TO DO.” The routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body.



Salsa With Silvia Featured on HUTV’s ARTICO Programs

Salsa With Silvia Featured On HUTV's ARTICO Program

The HUTV’s crew was a delight to work with. They were very professional and did a great job preparing us for the interview. This interview focused on Bachata and its different varieties. 

Owner Silvia talked about the history of Bachata and the different styles of Bachata as well as the classes taught at the Salsa With Silvia dance studio.

Salsa With Silvia Live On ABC7 With Kidd Around Town

Salsa With Silvia Live On ABC7 With Kidd Around Town

We had the pleasure of working with ABC7 Kidd Around Town Morning Show on October 8th, 2018. Kidd and his crew came to our studio and featured all of our programs; kids & adults. The focus was on our kids Dance Scholarship Program and Hispanic Heritage month. This year Salsa With Silvia launched it’s first scholarship program giving kids of low income families an opportunity to be trained free of charge. What we are looking for is kids who want to dance and work hard. We audition them and if they make the team, we train them for free and we prepare them for performances around the area. Click here to find out more about the Salsa With Silvia scholarship program.

We want to thank all of our adult and kids students who came to the studio early on a Monday morning to support us and participate in the live interview.

A Visit from The Stars: Jenna Johnson and Adam Rippon from Dancing with the Stars

A Visit from The Stars: Jenna Johnson and Adam Rippon from Dancing with the Stars

Salsa with Silvia was honored to have had Ballroom Star Jenna Johnson and Olympian Adam Rippon from Dancing With The Stars adorn the Washington, DC studio from April 16-18, 2018. Although, unable to stay for the Studio’s 2-Year Anniversary Celebration, they graciously recorded a video that was played for the event. The video was met with smiles and applaud.

The Stars visited the studio for 3 days to rehearse for the new season of Dancing With The Stars. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity! With this brief video they encouraged our students to take progress one step at a time.

Jenna Johnson is a professional dancer and choreographer on Dancing with the Stars. She first started dancing at the age of 3. She’s trained in ballroom, ballet, jazz, contemporary, and hip-hop. Jenna say’s (in teaming up with a dance partner) “I believe that our main job is to be their mentor regardless if it means to be their friends, their teachers, their inspiration, their emotional support. The most important thing is to be there for them no matter what they’re going through.”

Being teamed up with Adam Rippon, figure skater extraordinaire, means that these dances will undoubtedly be an amazing combination of magical moves. Adam made history at the 2018 Winter Olympics before even stepping on the ice in Pyeong Chang, South Korea. The 28-year-old athlete was the first openly gay U.S. athlete to qualify for a Winter Olympics, and he was the oldest figure skater since 1939 to make his first trip to the Games.

The four-week, all-athlete edition of the dance competition, Dancing with the Stars, kicks off Monday, April 30, 2018. Where 10 athletes and their pro partners compete for the coveted Mirrorball Trophy. Although the competition has not ended, Jenna Johnson and Adam Rippon are already the winners for all at the studio. Their perseverance and encouragement towards living life to it’s fullest and dancing until you drop, will forever echo with all of us from the Salsa with Silvia Studio!

Ballroom Star Jenna Johnson and Olympian Adam Rippon from Dancing With The Stars

Salsa With Silvia Featured on WUSA9. How We Help The Community Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 2017

Salsa With Silvia Featured on WUSA9

We were honored to be invited to the Great Day’s Show to talk about Hispanic Heritage month with host Markette Sheppard. Special thanks to Markette for this wonderful opportunity! Salsa With Silvia’s instructors Chivonnie Gius and Mario Cervantes performed live to demonstrate Salsa dancing for its audience and owner Silvia Alexiev gave an interview and spoke about the Studio’s efforts in schools around the area in light of Hispanic Heritage month. 

How We Help The Community Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 2017

The Salsa With Silvia Dance Studio is super proud to be a part of so many celebrations honoring Hispanic Heritage Month in 2017 and every year. This year we are doing a big push on visiting schools in the DMV area to help expose kids and youth to Latin Dance. Salsa dancing is a huge part of Hispanic Heritage and it has been through an incredible evolution throughout the years. The genre of Salsa encompasses influences from Cuba, Africa, Spain, Puerto Rico, New York and other parts of the World. As early as the 1920s and 1930s people in Africa and Cuba used what was then the embryo of Salsa music as a form of expression of their hardships, their emotions, and everything they were going through during this period of time. Post World War II the fusion of African, Cuban/Spanish, and Puerto Rican voices like the incredible Hector Lavoe and Ismael Rivera collaborated with the New York music scene and that’s how the term Salsa was born in the 1970s. After that, Salsa became a movement, a revolution that took over the entire World. There isn’t a country in the World where you can’t find a place to Salsa.

We have been very lucky to educate kids and adults in the area on the History of Salsa and show them the vibrant energetic style of dance and music that Salsa is. Here are some of the highlights of our appearances in the community during Hispanic Heritage Month 2017:


On October 5th 2017, Salsa With Silvia was invited to do a Salsa & Bachata performance at the NBC4 Hispanic Heritage Month Community Awards, hosted by News Anchor, Erika Gonzalez. This event was filled with so much positivism and recognized local Hispanic/Latino-owned businesses for their work and service in the DC Community! Special instructors shoutout to Mario & Chivonnie for their excellent performances!


As part of our effort to educate kids about Latin dance, we have been visiting a great number of schools in the DMV to bring awareness about our kids dance program as well as to expose kids and youth to the Latin form of dance.


On September 22nd, 2017, Salsa With Silvia donate a salsa class for teachers, parents, staff and kids at the Bruce Monroe Public Charter School to help raise funds for a field trip for the school’s Kindergarden students.

Instructors Chivonnie and Mario perform at NBC4’s Hispanic Heritage Month Event
Instructors Chivonnie and Mario perform at NBC4’s Hispanic Heritage Month Event
In this photo: Instructor Chivonnie, Owner Silvia Alexiev, NBC4 Anchor Erika Gonzalez and Instructor Mario
Salsa With Silvia instructor Mario Cervantes performs salsa for the Cesar Chaves students, staff and teachers to help them celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.
Salsa With Silvia instructor Mario Cervantes performs salsa for the Cesar Chaves students, staff and teachers to help them celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

Salsa With Silvia Acknowledged By DC Mayor Muriel Bowser

Salsa With Silvia Acknowledged By DC Mayor Muriel Bowser

In 2016, The Salsa With Silvia Dance Studio was awarded a grant of $85,000 and personally acknowledged for its community efforts and improvement of the Georgia Avenue Corridor by DC Mayor Muriel Bowser.

In January 2017 DC Mayor Bowser featured Salsa With Silvia as a small business success story in her two-year Accountability Report. The Mayor’s video crew came and shot a video interview with Salsa With Silvia owner, Silvia Alexiev. She was then invited to attend the Mayor’s event where the video was featured among few other highlighted businesses.

Salsa With Silvia owner Silvia gets personal recognition by DC Mayor Muriel Bowser.
Salsa With Silvia owner Silvia gets personal recognition by DC Mayor Muriel Bowser.