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After school & weekend dance classes, dance camps and parties for kids in Columbia Heights, DC – Latin dance, ballet, modern, creative movement, jazz and more; kids learn to dance through fun & games!

Summer Dance & Learning Camp 2017

Eight weeks of dance, learning, creating and playing!
June 26 – August 18, 2017

Kids ages 4 (or turning 4 within 3 months from the beginning of camp) to 7 years old. STUDENTS MUST BE FULLY POTTY TRAINED!

See how much fun we have in our dance & learning camps. ALSO, scroll down for video highlights from Spring Camp 2017:

So much more than just a dance camp…

  • Structured dance lessons (2 per day). Styles taught: ballet, creative movement, jazz, modern, tap, Latin, Bollywood. Every dance lesson begins with a fun warm up.
  • Outdoor time (every day). Kids are involved in structured outdoor games such as obstacle course and more. Once a week the students will visit a spray park.
  • Music lessons: singing & musicality (at least twice a week).
  • Spanish lessons (at least two days a week).
  • Education & storytelling (once a day, every day): letters, numbers, reading, students read at home and share a story. Once a week students visit Walls of Books for story time.
  • NEW!!! Science (once a week ). Students will be engaged in a simple science experiment and learn about how things work.
  • Arts & crafts: students work on a special project every day all week long and take it home on Friday. Best work will win our arts & crafts contest at the end of every 2-week session. In addition during free play time students will color.
  • Free play and rest time (every day). Younger students will take a nap or rest. Older students will play quiet games, read stories, listen to quiet music. Free play is also allowed at the end of the day in after care.
  • Field trips (at least once a week). Students will visit theater and other performances, museums, dance schools, and more fun locations.
  • Recitals (the last day of every session). Students will prepare a short performance to demonstrate the dance styles that they have been learning.
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SESSION 1 (JUNE 26 – JULY 7 ***No camp on Monday, July 3rd and Tuesday, July 4th***). SESSION THEME: THE YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHER – children have disposable cameras and take pics of what they do in camp during the session. In the end they create a collage to take home. DANCE STYLE FOCUS OF THE SESSION: Modern/Jazz & Latin.

SESSION 2 (JULY 10 – 21). SESSION THEME: THEATER FOR PRINCESSES & SUPER HEROES – throughout the session children will be working on creating a theater play with their favorite book/movie characters and will present at recital. DANCE STYLE FOCUS OF THE SESSION: Ballet/Contemporary & Latin.

SESSION 3 (JULY 24 – AUGUST 4). SESSION THEME: IMAGINATION AT WORKS – prompted to use their imagination, students participate in activities like space exploration, cooking workshop, growing a plant, arts & crafts. DANCE STYLE FOCUS OF THE SESSION: Tap & Latin.

SESSION 4 (AUGUST 7 – 18). SESSION THEME: FOR THE LOVE OF ANIMALS – students learn about different animals through stories, dance, games, music, arts & crafts. DANCE STYLE FOCUS OF THE SESSION: Hip Hop & Ballet.

summer dance and learning camp in dc for kids

* Additional charge of $25 for every 15 minutes applies for late pick up. Note: We will be closed July 3rd and July 4th. No price adjustment for that week.


Step 1: Download, fill out and sign ALL FOUR registration forms. When downloaded forms can be filled out electronically with Adobe Acrobat Reader:

FORM 1: Photo release form. Click to download.
FORM 2: Medical treatment authorization form. Click to download.
FORM 3: Payment and registration form. Click to download.
FORM 4: Waiver and release form. Click to download.

Step 2: Send all completed forms via email to
Step 3: Receive an email receipt for your payment and enrollment confirmation.


  • What we recommend:
    For your child to get a complete learning experience with our camp, we strongly recommend that you sign up at least for one full session (two weeks). This is also the cheapest enrollment option.
  • What If you can’t attend two or more consecutive weeks?
    If you cannot attend two or more consecutive weeks, you would be selecting the week(s) you want to attend on your registration form and paying at the “Half Session” rate.
  • What payment is required to enroll? How to reserve your spot for more than one week/one session?
    Full pre-payment is required for at last one week (if you are attending one or random weeks) or for your first full session (two weeks). If you want to reserve your spot for following week(s)/sessions, please be sure to select them on your registration form. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required for each additional week you want to reserve after your first week/session. Please keep in mind we can only hold a spot no later than 10 business days before each reserved week begins. Full payment for each additional week must be made at least 10 business days before the week begins.
  • What if you need to switch weeks or cancel?
    Switching reserved weeks depends on availability. If you decide to cancel enrollment, only 50% of your first week/session payment will be refunded ONLY with at least 2 weeks notice.  Your $50 per any additional weeks reserved is non-refundable.


– Extra set of clothes and underwear.
– Ballet slippers.
– Favorite blanket (if the child naps or will be part of rest time)
– Favorite toy (for younger kids)
– Kids come dressed in their bathing suit and water shoes for spray day. Change of clothes must be provided in their backpack.
– Lunch bag, clearly labeled. No perishable items please.


Breakfast and afternoon snack are provided. Parents bring lunch and additional snack in a clearly labeled lunch bag.


8:30 – 8:45 AM DROP OFF, MEET & GREET
9:00 – 9:30 AM BREAKFAST
9:30 – 10:00 AM CIRCLE TIME. Teachers and students discuss today’s planned activities.
11:45 AM – 12:30 PM LUNCH TIME
1:00 – 2:00PM NAP/REST TIME FOR YOUNGER KIDS (optional per parents request or if child seems to be tired). Quiet activities (arts and crafts, stretching and more) for older kids.
3:30 – 4:45 PM FREE PLAY & DANCE (outdoor or indoor depending on weather).
4:45 to 5:00 PM RELAXING ACTIVITIES AND PICK UP TIME (calming down before going home)

  • Watch a dance performance (could be on TV or the instructors will do a demo)
  • Watch a short movie related to dance & music
  • Listen to music while drawing about their favorite dance or part of the day, etc.
  • Singing


What is the adult to student ratio?

We plan staffing based on registration for session/week. That is why it is important for us to know which week(s)/days you plan to attend. We will have 2-3 early childhood educators with a class of up to 15 kids (that’s the maximum capacity of the camp). The group will be split in 2 for certain activities (dance, arts and crafts, rest time) depending on age. In addition 1 or 2 dance instructors will be coming in every day to work with the kids on the dance activities planned for the day.

Will the class be separated in different age groups?

Yes, depending on registration, the class will be split in two: 4 to 5 year olds and 6 to 7 year olds. The separation will only take place for certain activities like dance, arts and crafts, rest time.

Where do the kids play during the outdoor time?

The nearest park, located only a block away from our facility, is located on Irving St. and Georgia Ave. NW. It has a small playground but a large open outdoor space and shaded area, perfect for the hot summer weather. The kids will enjoy not only free play time but also structured outdoor activities such as obstacle courses, jumping on beat, free dance, counting the beat in Spanish & French and more. Another location, walking distance, that we will use is a park located on 11th and Monroe.

How do you keep an eye on our kids when outdoors?

Each child will wear our summer camp t-shirt when going outside. The kids will be accounted for on the way out of our facility and before we head back.

What form of transportation do you use if they go on field trips?

Each parent must sign a release form for each field trip. The form describes the day of the trip, the location and the type of transportation. We will use public transportation if the field trip is accessible and we will rent a van or small bus if the location is not accessible by public transportation.

What are some of the field trips?

Sprinkle parks, swimming pool, performances, theater, kids dance shows, library, museums visits and more.

What types of dance will the kids be involved in and for how long?

Each day the kids have 2 structured dance sessions (40 min each) and are exposed to one or two different styles of dance. The styles we teach are ballet, Latin dance, creative movement, modern, tap, jazz, hip hop, Bollywood and more. During the week the kids design their recital by selecting their favorite styles and songs that they learned to dance to. We will be bringing in live dance performances to the camp and we will be watching short dance movies for the kids to get inspired. Recital is every last Friday of the two-week session.

What is the goal of the dance & learning program?

The dance program during the summer is mainly designed to be fun but also very educational. The kids learn the different dance styles through games. For example, they do games where they learn to recognize the rhythm of the different dance styles. They use musical instruments and props like egg shakers, tambourines, scarves and magic wands to learn the music beat. So, we learn not only dance but we explore different styles of music and rhythm. Because it is hard for young kids to focus on dance for more than 80 minutes a day, we are adding many other activities such as singing & musicality, arts & crafts, outdoor time, counting, spelling, French and English lessons, science, story telling and more. We’ll have an art contest every two-week session and the winner will get a prize after the session recital. We inspire the kids creativity by engaging them in simple science experiments and teach them how things work. The overall goal of the program is to continue challenging the students brains while keeping them active and having fun.

Are there special clothing requirements?

The only requirement for clothing is for our ballet activities. Each child should have a pair of ballet slippers that they can leave at our studio. Tights and leotards for girls are also preferred.

What if I am only registered for a week prior to a recital, can my child still participate?

Yes, the dance routines that will be performed will not be long and difficult to memorize. Remember, we want to avoid kids feeling intimidated and we want them to enjoy it. The little kids recitals will be guided by the dance instructor the entire time.



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At the end of each week the little campers have a mini recital for families and friends.

Dance recital with a princess/super hero theme.

Summer dance camp 2016 is off to a great start! Still time to join the fun.Summer dance camp 2016 is off to a great start! Still time to join the fun.

Outdoor activities are included in our daily schedule. Our campers wear our super cool camp t-shirt.

Our wonderful brand new studio offers a clean and safe environment for the kids to learn, play and dance.

Our wonderful state-of-the-art new studio offers a clean and safe environment for the kids to learn, play and dance.

Field trip to a spray park with our summer dance campers.

Field trip to a spray park with our summer dance campers. We spend time outdoor every single day (spray parks, playground). Field trips include performances, story time and singing at Walls of Books, visiting dance studios, theater shows and more.

The summer dance campers learn Spanish as they draw, create arts & crafts projects, sing songs, and dance.

The summer dance campers learn Spanish as they draw, create arts & crafts projects, sing songs, and dance.