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After school & weekend dance classes, dance camps and parties for kids in Columbia Heights, DC – Latin dance, ballet, modern, creative movement, jazz and more; kids learn to dance through fun & games!

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Baby Drop-in Classes + Oct. 1: Mama & Baby Yoga Workshop.

Dance classes for babies at the Salsa With Silvia Dance Studio in Columbia Heights, DC.

MAMA & BABY YOGA WORKSHOP with guest instructor Rhiannon. Ages 6 months to 3. About the workshop: In this workshop Mamas will walk away with breathing techniques, yoga poses, massage techniques, songs and games they can incorporate in to their daily connections with their little one. This class will have a focus on developmentally appropriate […]

2016 Winter/Spring Semester Fun!

Ballet, Latin, modern and more dance after school classes for kids in Columbia Heights, DC

Our Winter/Spring 2016 semester is off to a great start with so many talented little students taking our Latin dance creative movement, Latin fusion, Latin fun, ballet and contemporary classes. Everyone is so eager to learn new dance moves and have fun. Still not too late to sign up! We are now offering several drop […]

Great turnout for our free trial week. See photos.

The Salsa With Silvia dance studio in Columbia Heights, DC offers kids dance classes like ballet, modern, latin, jazz and creative movement.

Dear parents and students, our free trial week has now come to an end. We had a great turnout and the kids had tons of fun. Now it’s time to think about ENROLLING YOUR LITTLE DANCER FOR THE QUARTER/SEMESTER. CLICK HERE. *NOTE TO PARENTS: Full quarter/semester enrollment is strongly encouraged as the curriculum for the […]